Postcards of old Prestwich and Whitefield are available ( below).
Single Postcards cost 25p
Any 3 postcards for 60p
Any  5 postcards  for £1 plus 60p. P&P
Views of the Clough celebrating Prestwich Clough 1906 -2006
More Centenary Celebration postcards of the Clough
Bury New Road 1900s.
Bury Old Road in Edwardian Era.
Church Lane, Prestwich showing the Ring O’ Bells Pub centre
Besses Junction about 1890
Bury New Road with tram. Old Methodist Church on left, Clark’s Hill on right.
Guest Road. An elegant street of Victorian villas.
The Deyne Hall. Prestwich Rectory from 1475 to 1836. Probably the medieval Manor House before that.
The Victorian Rectory on the site of Rectory Gardens. 1837-1926
Old views of the Prestwich Clough.
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