Prestwich Heritage Museum


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Prestwich and Whitefield Heritage Society maintain a museum in the upper floor of Prestwich Library in conjunction with Bury Museum ansd Art Galleries.



  1. John Wallis says:

    Dear Prestwich Heritage,
    I am currently studying for an MA in Heritage and I’m going to be doing a historic character appraisal of some sites on Bury New Road between Moor End Avenue to Sedgley Park Village. I was wondering if you might be able to assist me with any historic archives, maps, photos etc. of this area?
    Many thanks,
    Best Regards,
    John Wallis
    07857 545400 – Mobile

    • admin says:

      There is a lot of material in Prestwich Library in the local books section and in the grey filing cabinet. Ask David Galloway there for help. There is also a lot of material in Bury Archives.


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