Welcome to the Prestwich and Whitefield Heritage Society.

The Society was set up in 1999.

We seek to research, record, celebrate and preserve the history and heritage of Prestwich and Whitefield and their immediate environs.

The Society has Talks and Meetings about once a month in the Church Inn on Church Lane, Prestwich and everyone is welcome to attend.

There are visits to places of interest near and far.

The Archaeology Group digs on sites in the neighbourhood on the summer weekends.

Please explore the website and get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

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Note : The changing pictures at the top of this page are ….

1. The Church Inn, Prestwich where the Society meets.

2. The wall plaque on Morrisons Supermarket in Whitefield showing the Besses o’th Barn Band.

3. Whitefield House (formerly Underley) as the Town Hall in the 1950s/60s.

4. A drawing of the old Deyne Rectory in Prestwich made about 1840.

The Society would like to thank Vidahost for providing the web space for our site …..


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John Horsefield’s Tree

John Horsefield’s Tree

John Horsefield’s Tree. Ian Pringle has an old newspaper article from the 1960s about the working class botanists of the Prestwich Botanical Society. It mentions...

Lancashire Fusiliers Museum Visit

Lancashire Fusiliers Museum Visit

Lancashire Fusiliers Museum. On Friday 21st March the Society went for a guided tour and cream tea at the Lancashire Fusiliers Museum in Bury. We were shown around...

Prestwich’s First Blue Plaque

Prestwich’s First Blue Plaque

As part of the Artisan Naturalists Project Rob Trueblood has secured permission for a Blue Plaque to be put up on The Railway and Naturalist Inn. This is the pub...