Committee Members

President : Dr. Mike Nevell
Patrons : Tom and Kay Gribben, The Church Inn
Acting Chairman : David Stanley
Secretary : Amanda Smith,
Treasurer : Sheila Helman
Other Committee Members :

Peter Roughan

Alan Wentworth

David Stanley

Peter Corbally

Meetings in the Function Room of the Church Inn on midweek evenings as arranged.

The Secretary,

Prestwich & Whitefield Heritage Society

80 Clifton Road,

Prestwich, M25 3HR

0161 773 7910

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Introducing our Hon. President, Dr. Mike Nevell

Mike is Head of Archaeology and Head of the Centre for Applied Archaeology in the School of the Built Environment at Salford University. He has 29 years experience in archaeology. This includes undergraduate and post-graduate teaching in Roman archaeology, Industrial archaeology and buildings archaeology; the promotion of and research into community archaeology particualrly across the Manchester region, and archaeological consultancy, particularly as regards recording buildings archaeologically and undertaking rescue excavations through the planning process. His special interests include the archaeology of industrialsiation, buildings archaeology, and the Romano-British landscape.

He was formerly Head of the Greater Manchester Archaeology Unit at Manchester University.

Dr. Mike Nevell at Buckton Castle, Tameside.

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2 Replies to “Committee Members”

  1. David Appleyard

    Dear Prestwich Heritage
    My name is David Appleyard and I have recently been appointed by Bury Council to develop an artwork for Whitefield Park, Bury.
    I am very interested in the heritage of this Victorian Park and would really like to know more about its past. I have heard that there was once a pond and a structure of some kind within the park but as yet I have been unable to prove this.
    If you could point me in the direction of any groups/sources of information it would be extremely useful.

    • admin

      Hi there David,

      Bury Image bank Online has several photos of Whitefield Park ( you should be careful not to confuse it with Philips Park though). The imagebank pics are b05220,b05245,b06593,b06597,b10744,b15307.

      You might also check out refs to the Park in Thomas Holt’s book “Pilkington Park” and John Wilson’s “History of Whitefield”.
      Whitefield Library also has a full set of maps which will show the development of the Park over time.
      Don’t forget to look at the Plaque on the Park Gates – to Alfred Grundy of Underley who donated the land.There is also a picture of Grundy in the Imagebank I think.


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