• Our Lady of Grace R.C. Church, Prestwich

        TALK TO PRESTWICH & WHITEFIELD HERITAGE SOCIETY 16 MARCH 2016 “OUR LADY OF GRACE PARISH AND CHURCH” Monsignor John Allen   Background   We have a long heritage. […]

  • Keystone Cops meet the Sweeney

    KEYSTONE COPS MEETS THE SWEENEY Jack Barrett Armed bank robbery, shot fired in the bank, car chase, armed police in pursuit, car abandoned, chase on foot, more shots fired, and […]

  • A Tradition that wouldn’t go away

    The Prestwich Carnival has its roots in various traditions that stretch back into the mists of time. The first is the South East Lancashire tradition of Rush Bearing. Here Jack Barrett reviews the development of the Carnival from Rushbearing and the Wakes.

  • A Short History of Prestwich

    In 1296 the church at Prestwich suffered a burglary in which a number of charters, placed there for safe-keeping, were stolen. What was lost was probably the whole early history of Prestwich – grants of the Manor to Saxon Thanes or Norman knights, the foundation deeds of the church etc.

  • An Australian remembers growing up in Prestwich.

    In the Summer I remember Mr Brindles' shop between the Barclays Bank, corner of Clifton road and The Grapes Inn, corner of Warwick Street had the best ice cream. It was his own, home made and creamy yellow - yummy, delicious! Click on blue header to read on ....

  • Prestwich Carnival in the 1950s

    Prestwich Carnival took months if not years to plan and the kingpin was Dora Richards, a friend of my mother who was one of her many helpers. How on earth they found the time to do it I simply do not know.