Programme of Events

Our programme for the following months begins with a talk by one of our members Frank Adam. Frank will speak to us about names, their meanings and origins. His talk will take place on Tuesday July 16th at our usual time 7.30pm at the Church Inn, Church Lane Prestwich.


Our August meeting will concern an interest which I am sure we all have.  Old photographs. It will be a talk by Steve Gill who is an expert on identification and dating of your old pictures.

He has many items to show us and if you have perhaps an old family photo which you wish to date, bring it along and Steve will help date the picture. This will all take place on Tuesday August 6th. Do join us and find out more.


In September on Tuesday 17th we have a visit from Les Leggett who some of you may already be aquainted with if you attend meetings of the Cheetham Hill Heritage Society, where he has spoken before. Les will tell us about the history of Cheetham Hill and Prestwich, it promises to be a most interesting and entertaining evening.


  October is the month when we get together for our AGM. This year it will be held on Tuesday October 15th. I know there are many of you who NEVER come to the AGM.  It is disappointing for the committee and officers that members don’t seem to care about the society enough to join the debates we have on this special evening. It’s good to hear your views about the direction of the society and to perhaps find helpers along the way. The society had operated for 20 years this year, should we be celebrating this? I hope so. There will be an exhibition of items donated to the Society by a former Prestwich resident Stephen Garner, who now lives in Oxford. Steven has gifted us photographs of Philips Park Road, before the motorway and many other interesting local pictures and leaflets.

 Do try to join us, the more the merrier.


In the past we have occasionally been let down by our speakers. These evenings although initially disappointing, have proved extremely interesting and happy events, as we have been able to chat amongst ourselves and many good stories have been shared and memories recalled. As we have no speaker for November we thought a deliberate attempt at a Social Evening might be a good idea. Considering that this is our twentieth year there will be lots to talk about. Therefore Tuesday November 19th has been set aside for this. You can get a drink from the bar, perhaps a coffee and spend an hour or two chatting and meeting other members in our usual convivial atmosphere.


On Saturday December 14th we have our Christmas ’do’. Hopefully a quiz, certainly a raffle and Kay and Tom have agreed that we can order our food and drinks from the bar as we did last year. This is such a pleasant way to spend the afternoon as we meet anytime after 12 noon. 


I hope there is something to interest you in these events and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Cheers Amanda.                                                                                                 

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  1. Joy Moran

    My great grandfather, Peter Booth, set up a printing business and shop called the Prestwich Bazaar on Bury New Road of which I have a photograph. His son James Booth took over the business but died in 1899 of an appendicitis, four months before my father was born on Jan. 1st 1900. Margaret Booth, his wife carried on with the business. I think they did the printing in Warwick street then


    Hello. Im thinking my family has quite a lot of history in Prestwich, most are buried in the church down Church Lane, St Marys I think. My Great Grandad, William, started a cycle shop then a garage called Grimshaws on the corner of Fairfax Road, I have some photos. In 1909 he gave record recycles around Manchester and most famously in Heaton Park where 40,000 people came to listen, he also did the same at Winter Gardens, Blackpool..he had a Hat business and a Greengrocers, married a lady named Ellen, I have quite a lot of details if anybody is interested.

  3. Sharon reynolds

    I love prestwich lived in Harold Street age 9-15 my grandparents home his name was Sidney Austin does anyone remember him and my nana was Martha Hallyday austin

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