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New Programme 2017

Dear Members and Friends,


  It’s time once more to get out your diaries and calendars and make notes for the next list of dates and topics for Heritage Society meetings.

We meet at our usual venue of The Church Inn in Church Lane Prestwich and our start times are always 7,30 pm.                         

Our first date is Wednesday April 26, when Joe O’Neill will visit us to speak about the ‘Secret History of Victorian Lodging Houses’. This sounds like an interesting and perhaps amusing talk and we do hope you will all support us.


Our second event will be on Wednesday May 17th a ‘History Detected’ talk given by a local chap named Gary Jones, Gary uses a metal detector and has found many fascinating items some of which he will bring with him. All of his items are authenticated by Manchester Museum. It should be an interesting and informative evening. Do join us.

Prestwich Clough Day takes place on Sunday May 21st from 12 noon. As usual we will have our tent and stand, together with the Lucky Dip for the children and our books and postcards, lets hope that as Clough Day is slightly later in May than usual that the weather will be kind. We always need a few volunteers to mind the stall when we need breaks, please try to help. Do come and join us and bring as many people as you can, it’s a good day to recruit new members to the Society.


The third meeting will take place on Wednesday  June 7th and will be a talk given by our members Andrew and Dorothy Walker. Many of you will know that there was a field hospital in Heaton Park during the First World War. This talk concerns the work of Major Robert Tait McKenzie. A Canadian Physician, Physical therapist and Sculptor, who by rehabilitating the soldiers of Heaton Park Command Depot WW1, laid the foundations of modern physical therapies. A remarkable multi- talented man.

A very interesting subject and I’m sure we will all learn a great deal this evening.


On Wednesday July 19th we have Stewart Kay who has lived locally all his life and is a collector of Autographs from the world of Sport, Film and Television. Stewarts’ collection will hold many memories for members, as many of the people he will tell us about will be known to you. It will be an amusing and informative evening do come and join us.


Our August meeting will be held on Wednesday August 9th,  A very topical talk concerning Seymour Egerton 4th Earl of Wilton and the Wandering Minstrels. Andrew Walker has made an extensive study of the Wandering Minstrels. Seymour was the conductor of this amateur orchestra drawn from the ranks of the aristocracy and the higher ranks of the military. Over a period of 38 years they raised £16,000 for charitable causes. They also played the opening concert at the newly completed Albert Hall in London in February 1871. Very famous in their time.


So far we have no speaker for September but someone will no doubt come forward and you will all be informed of the subject and date later in the year. The communication will also contain information regarding our AGM. Which will happen in October as usual.


Many of you have spoken to committee members – also probably each other, regarding the future of the Heritage Society. We are doing our best to keep things going. With a depleted committee. Do remember that we have the Heritage Museum in Prestwich Library. Together with the Prestwich Timeline. The current museum exhibition will run, probably until October 2018 which is a long time, but it does give Bury’s Museum staff and your committee and hopefully some of our members to arrange the next exhibition. At our last Committee meeting we discussed the subject of this and it was suggested the that next exhibition should be a celebrations of Prestwich and Whitefield to include the wooden window frame from Stand Old Hall from Whitefield Library, should the library close. There are many artefact in the Bury Archives to do with Prestwich and Whitefield and they would make a great story to interest us all.


We are still in need of a permanent Chairman and also a Secretary. I have help from Sheila and Colette but a permanent post with a committed member would be a great relief.


As you all may know a group of us are tending the flower beds in St Marys Flower Park and now have a separate bank account for this having obtained two grants to refurbish stolen and damaged plants. This enterprise was initially done via the Heritage Society and it is a very calming and beautiful place to spend a few hours on a sunny day. Do please take advantage of this, we  work very hard to keep it neat and tidy. Any help you can give would be gratefully received. We work there every Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 10.30 to 12 noon. Please contact me if you can help. 0161 773 7910.


I do hope you can join us for the talks and hopefully Clough Day and perhaps help in the park.


Cheers Amanda.








  1. I have read your article on rectory lane my grandparents lived on Bent lane

  2. Joy Moran says:

    My great grandfather, Peter Booth, set up a printing business and shop called the Prestwich Bazaar on Bury New Road of which I have a photograph. His son James Booth took over the business but died in 1899 of an appendicitis, four months before my father was born on Jan. 1st 1900. Margaret Booth, his wife carried on with the business. I think they did the printing in Warwick street then


    Hello. Im thinking my family has quite a lot of history in Prestwich, most are buried in the church down Church Lane, St Marys I think. My Great Grandad, William, started a cycle shop then a garage called Grimshaws on the corner of Fairfax Road, I have some photos. In 1909 he gave record recycles around Manchester and most famously in Heaton Park where 40,000 people came to listen, he also did the same at Winter Gardens, Blackpool..he had a Hat business and a Greengrocers, married a lady named Ellen, I have quite a lot of details if anybody is interested.

  4. Are there any dates for 2015 meetings at The Church Inn ? I would like to come across and visit, but I also have commitments in France, so need to organise my diary.



  5. Sharon reynolds says:

    I love prestwich lived in Harold Street age 9-15 my grandparents home his name was Sidney Austin does anyone remember him and my nana was Martha Hallyday austin

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