Local War Memorials

Local War Memorials

The websites listed below give details of the names on the local war memorials. The records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission are used to give further details of the men listed on the memorials. The Whitefield and Unsworth  sections use the 1901 Census to place the men in their family context.

I addition to these, the Memorial Hall ( Longfield Suite) and the War Memorials within it have been officially listed as War Memorials now.

These excellent sites have been co-researched by Laura Vizard and Rod Gibson. We thank them for this work.

 Here is the Whitefield War Memorial …


The link below relates to Prestwich….


This gives the details about the Unsworth Pole War Memorial …


Whitefield War Memorial .

9 Replies to “Local War Memorials”

  1. laura vizard

    I am wondering whether anybody can help with the following question please?

    From Janet Muncaster in the USA

    “I was brought up down Gardener Road in Prestwich (Ernest Street) and used to play on Spion Kop. I left to live in the USA for many years and on my return found it re-named Gardener’s Mount, and I think the Spion Kop Memorial gone. Do you know when and why that happened?”

    I don’t remember there being a memorial there and the only think I can think of is that it was possibly relocated?

    Regards and Thank you in advance,
    Laura Vizard.

    • Admin

      Hi there,

      yes there was a War Memorial on Spion Kop.
      It was moved, several decades ago, to stand on the junction of Rectory Lane and St. Mary’s Road outside the old Library that is now PADOS HQ.


  2. Dorothy Burke

    I often used to stay with my aunt in Clough Walks at the end of Gardener Road and I often would climb up to play at Spion Kop and sit on the benches which surrounded the memorial. Perhaps it was moved to protect it from vandalism?

  3. admin

    Hibbert family

    If you have any contact with any one researching the above family please give them my email address. I know there are two names Frank and Phillips (DCM)on the war memorial. Also I have contact with another Hibbert researcher but we aren’t related.
    Ann Stollery

    • Jannette Toomey

      Hello Ann, Phillips Hibbert and Frank were my grandfather’s brothers. He was called Sidney, and also served in the war, but thankfully came home. My mother was born in 1916. It must have been awful for the family – I never knew anything about it when I was growing up in the 50s/60s.

      I have done quite a lot of research into my family using Ancestry – do get in touch.

      • Robert Cash

        Hello Jannette,
        I have been looking for information on Phillips and Frank Hibbert. My grandmother was Emily Hibbert their sister. They lived at Egerton Street Heaton Park Manchester. But she said little about them. She married soon after WW1 and moved near London. I would be interested in any further information. Regards, Robert Cash.

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