Old maps of the neighbourhood are stored here.

Prestwich in the 1848 O.S. Map. Click on it to enlarge.

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  1. Cath

    Do you have any information about the Brooklands area on Bury Old Road, next to the Woodthorpe Hotel. It is land which has never been built on, which seems strange. Someone once told me it was some sort of Religious area.

    Thank you

  2. Keith hugehs

    Do you have any old maps of the prefab estate in heaton park the one at the bury old rd end.i have a very poor copy of a section of SD 8202 at 1/2500 scale .Bury library have a map of part of the estate with house numbers on but half of it is missing,I am looking for the map with the house numbers may seem an odd request but I used to live there. Regards Keith.

  3. jack barrett

    that area was owned by Holts as woodthorpe was there old house. for many years bert skinner had his dairy there and delivered milk in heaton park area. the only religious connection i know of is jewish further down the road.

  4. Gabor Olah

    Hi, I’m looking for a mansion called Woodlands, some 3 miles north of Manchester. In 1851 it belonged to Mr. Henry M. P. (probably Henry Edwards, 1st Baronet). I reckon it was somewhere around Woodlands Road now.
    Or is that too south for you?

    • Carole Worsley

      There was a Manor House or Mansion built on Woodhill Grove Prestwich l have the deeds for the full estate and how much it was sold for along with the old map

  5. Martyn


    I’m looking for any information on somewhere called “The Clough” which I think was on Stand Lane – the Heywood family were recorded as living there in 1881.

    Any info appreciated


  6. Helen Gilbert

    I am trying to find Ramsbottom Row which was in Prestwich in the early 1900’s. My descendants lived in No5 and I’m trying to find it on a map somewhere. I think it was near an area called

  7. Pamela Long

    I am looking for photos or details of old house’s at the bottom end of Prestwich Road South ,Prestwich .I believe a relative of mine a Great Aunt and Uncle Josh Hobson lived there,and I remember my Father saying he and his friend used to visit the large housewife when they were only schoolboys, It had a winding staircase and had a suit of armour at the bottom .As usual there aren’t any relatives alive that can help me .Thank you
    Pamela Long nee Hobson

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