New Museum Display Feb 2019

The new semi-permanent display in Prestwich Heritage Museum was unveiled on Tuesday 5th February by the Mayor, Jane Black. The display features several aspects of the history of Prestwich and complements the Timeline which runs round the walls. Our thanks go to Susan Lord for organising the new exhibition which replaces the First World War display. And also to Sheila and Amanda for the excellent buffet afterwards.

A triptych of maps/diagrams show Prestwich village and its shops in 1904,1964 and the present day. Originally produced by a student in the 1960s. It’s very informative and evocative for the older generation.

The Pictures …

  1. The material from the Roman digs at Rainsough.
  2. Material about Prestwich hospital.
  3. The Mayor with Acting Chair of the Society, David Stanley and Amanda. ( Photo courtesy of Alan Jennings).

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