Prestwich Wills and Inventories

The Inventory of Innkeeper Otho Hulme 1679.
A valuable insight into a 17th Century Inn


Below is a list of Wills and Inventories of Prestwich people between 1536 and 1834. These are from the Chester Diocese Consistory Courts where Wills from this area had to be proved . The Wills and other documents are now in Lancashire Record Office, Preston. Copies of the originals can be obtained for a small fee.

The terms used in the list include …

1. Admon – these are documents and accounts from the Executor of a Will relating to the Administration ( carrying out ) of a Will

2. Infra – the Diocese of Chester kept a separate list of Wills with a total bequest of less than £40 and called them “Infra ” Wills. They were less important and took up less time to deal with.

3. The column called Index refers to the volume of the published Wills Indexes of the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Inventories were a list of the property of the deceased person. Inventories are sometimes listed room by room, giving a description of the actual house. Inventories were particularly common in the period 1500 to 1750.

A similar list for Whitefield Wills can be found in the List of Bury Wills, 1545 -1780, compiled by Bury Family History Society and available in Bury Local History Library.

Date Name Comment 1 Comment 2 Index Vol. Month Parish Reg.
1536 Holt, Agnes Inventory   33    
1559 Scholes, Robert Inventory   33    
1562 Crompton, John Deposition alias Jenkin 33    
1562 Langley, Sir Robert Inventory Agecroft Hall 33    
1563 Walworth, Lawrence Inventory husbandman 2    
1565 Wroe, Robert yeoman Piccope Mss. p95 2    
1572 Langley, Cicely The Lady Langley   accounts 33    
1574 Eckersall, Nicholas     2    
1579 Hardman, Elizabeth widow   2    
1582 Langley, Robert yeoman Piccope Mss. P64 2    
1583 Ogden, Margaret widow   2    
1587 Hardman, Robert     2    
1587 Scholes, Edmund husbandman   2    
1588 Holland, Richard skinner   2    
1588 Ogden, Henry     2    
1589 Wroe, Katherine     2    
1590 Baguley, Francis     2    
1592 Leigh, Richard husbandman   2    
1594 Kenyon, Jane widow   2    
1594 Wallwork, Ellis Will etc Clerk ( i.e. priest ) 33    
1597 Heaton, John husbandman Lancs. Rec. Office 105    
1597 Hilton, Thomas     2    
1602 Holden, Peter     2    
1602 Scholes, Adam clerk   2    
1602 Taylor, John   infra will (under £40) 52    
1602 Wilson, William Popethorne, Lancs.   2    
1604 Nickson, John Inventory   33    
1606 Wallwork, Margery Widow Deposition 33    
1607 Hardman, Lawrence     2    
1608 Gascon, Robert draper   2    
1608 Ogden, Jone Inventory infra will 52    
1608 Radcliffe, Thomas   infra will 52    
1609 Gest, Thomas   infra will 52    
1609 Hardman, Oliver     2    
1609 Scholes, Isabel   infra will 52    
1610 Kenion, Margaret widow   2    
1610 Riding, Isabella Hilton Lane, Pr.   2    
1610 Taylor, Margaret widow infra will 52    
1612 Syme, Ellen spinster   2    
1614 Oldham, John     2    
1615 Scholes, John     2    
1617 Aighton, Ralph     2    
1617 Scholes, John Deposition   33    
1617 Tomlinson, John     2    
1619 Lewas, William   infra will 52    
1623 Barlow, Thomas Inventory   4    
1623 Pollitt, John     4    
1624 Birch, Martha Alleg.   43    
1625 Gartside, Adam     4    
1626 Hesletine, Ralph     4    
1627 Scholes, Alice widow infra will 52    
1628 Gartside, Adam Alleg.   43    
1628 Houlden, Gilbert     4    
1630 Diggle, Robert Inventory   4    
1631 Holland, Edward Heaton   4    
1632 Diggle, John     4    
1632 Lomax, John husbandman   4    
1639 Diggle, Robert husbandman   4    
1640 Diggle, Isabella Inventory   4    
1640 Wilson, William     4    
1641 Holland, Ann Heaton widow 4    
1643 Hardman, Thomas Admon.   4    
1648 Wilson, James yeoman   4    
1649 Diggle, Dorothy spinster   4    
1650 Diggle, Dorothy spinster   4    
1654 Scoales, William husbandman   PRO 16-Feb  
1654 Wilson, Ester widow   PRO 06-Dec  
1655 Bagley, John husbandman   PRO 30-Mar  
1656 Gaskell, Adam yeoman   PRO 16-May  
1657 Ward, Ralph yeoman alias Sharpulls PRO 29-Sep  
1659 Allen, Isaacke Rector of Prestwich   PRO    
1659 Swales, Ellen Canterbury Probate   4    
1660 Blacklow, Peter Canterbury Probate   4    
1661 Allen, Elizabeth widow   15    
1661 Holland, Edward     15    
1661 Mather, Richard Dep., Nun will etc Parson Fold, Pr. 43    
1661 Scoales, Peter linen webster Lancs. Rec. Office 105    
1664 Holland,Thomas Heaton esquire 15    
1664 Hulton, George weaver   15    
1665 Collier, Thomas Innkeeper Heaton, Prestwich 15   11/10/1665
1665 Gartside, Francis accounts   43    
1667 Hall, Adam linen webster   15    
1667 Hardman, Margaret widow infra will 15    
1668 Diggles, John husbandman   15    
1668 Kenyon, Edward clerk, Rector of Pr.   15    
1670 Hall, Dorothy widow infra will 15    
1670 Scofield, James Inventory yeoman, infra will 15    
1671 Plant, Thomas Gentleman   PRO 13-Jan  
1671 Ravald, John   infra will 15    
1671 Scoles, John Inventory with Admon 15    
1672 Deane, Margaret widow infra will 15    
1672 Hilton, Robert Inventory & Admon weaver 15    
1672 Lancashire, Mary widow infra will 15    
1672 Worsley, Peter Inventory infra will 15    
1674 Kay, James     15    
1674 Wilson, James clothier   PRO 03-Feb  
1675 Fletcher, Ralph labourer infra will 15    
1675 Hopwood, Edmund chapman infra will & Admon 15    
1675 Milne, Abraham fustian webster infra will 15    
1675 Scholes, William     15    
1675 Taylor, Elizabeth spinster infra will 15    
1675 Thorpe, Isaac husbandman infra will 15    
1676 Scholfield, Alice widow   15    
1676 Thorpe. Isaac husbandman accounts 43    
1676 Wilson, James Popythorn req. from Canterbury 15    
1677 Hulton, Francis yeoman infra will 15    
1677 Wilson, James     PRO 13-Aug  
1677 Wilson, William yeoman infra will 15    
1679 Hulme, Otho Inventory Innkeeper, Heaton 15   9/3/79 de Heaton junior apud Middleton
1680 Hardman, Ralph Inventory with Admon 15    
1680 Hardman, Ralph son of Ralph tuition 15    
1681 Houlden, John Inventory yeoman, infra will 18    
1682 Holland, William Heaton Clerk ( i.e. priest ) 18    
1682 Scholfield, Abdy     18    
1683 Bradshaw, Richard husbandman infra will 18    
1683 Hardman, Henry Inventory & Admon yeoman, infra will 18    
1684 Meanock, James     18    
1684 Wilson, Martha Poppythorne   18    
1685 Bradshaw, Elizabeth widow infra will 18    
1685 Dawson, John     18    
1685 Hey, Roger husbandman infra will 18    
1685 Hilton, Ann nuncupative will   18    
1685 Warburton, Thomas Inventory & Admon infra will 18    
1686 Anderson, Theophilus Inventory & admon yeoman, infra will 18    
1687 Hall, George Alleg. Dep. Etc Brody Lane, Pr. 43    
1688 Hardman, Peter Inventory & Admon infra will 18    
1688 Wilson, Nathan Poppythorne nuncupative will 18    
1688 Wilson, Robert     18    
1689 Hopwood, John Inventory & Admon Rooden Lane 18    
1689 Wilson, Robert yeoman infra will 18    
1690 Pilkington, Edmund Inventory & Admon husbandman, inf.will 18    
1692 Gartside, Adam Alleg & Dep.   gent. 43    
1693 Gartside, Adam yeoman   18    
1694 Dixon, John whitster   18    
1694 Hardman, Ralph yeoman, Heaton infra will 18    
1695 Hilton, Thomas Inventory & Admon labourer, infra will 18    
1695 Stott, John Inventory & Admon infra will 18    
1696 Oldham, James yeoman   18    
1696 Scholfield, Robert yeoman   18    
1697 Hardman, Thomas yeoman   18    
1698 Tetlow, Nathaniel Inventory & admon husbandman 18    
1699 Scholes, John Inventory & Admon infra will 18    
1701 Scholefield, Thomas Inventory & Admon   20    
1703 Wilson, James yeoman Thatchleach, Lancs. 20    
1705 Wilde, Edmund weaver infra will 20    
1706 Heywood, Richard Cambishaw   20    
1709 Hopwood, John yeoman, Admon infra will 20    
1710 Kenyon, George blacksmith infra will 20    
1711 Kellett, Edward tailor infra will, Admon 20    
1711 Rothwell, Ann spinster infra will 20    
1712 Bestwick, William Inventory & Admon blacksmith,infra will 20    
1713 Holt, Mary Inventory & Admon infra will 20    
1714 Dawson, George yeoman   20    
1716 Hulton, Abraham yeoman   20    
1719 Hardman, Adam Inventory yeoman, Whitefield 20    
1720 Pollett, Edmund yeoman   20    
1722 Heywood, John Cambushaw   22    
1725 Smethurst, Richard     22    
1727 Aspinwall, John Innkeeper admon 22   Aspinal of Rooden lane
1727 Haslam, Jane Admon.   22    
1728 Crowther, Robert whitster   22    
1728 Guest, Ralph clockmaker   22    
1728 Hardman, Ralph yeoman Rooden Lane 22    
1728 Nabb, Abraham yeoman   22    
1728 Scholes, Adam yeoman   22    
1729 Scholes, James Admon.   22    
1730 Hardman, Oliver Hardmans Fold   22    
1730 Scholefield, Joshua whitster   22    
1731 Thorpe, James Bentgate infra will 22    
1732 Asheton, William clerk Rector of Prestwich 22    
1732 Candwell, William Butcher admon 22    
1732 Lomax, Geoffrey chapman admon 22    
1733 Ramsbottom, William Inventory & Admon infra will 22    
1733 Roscoe, Thomas husbandman admon 22    
1734 Scholefield, John yeoman   22    
1735 Bent, Thomas Admon.   22    
1736 Wilson, William minor tuition 22    
1742 Scholes, Robert yeoman   25    
1748 Dauntessey, Christopher gentleman Agecroft Hall 25    
1750 Bridge, Thomas shuttlemaker infra will 25    
1750 Chapman, Lawrence yeoman   25    
1751 Kershaw, Timothy carpenter infra will, admon 25    
1752 Bury, Mary spinster infra will, admon 25    
1753 Kenyon, Joseph Heaton, innkeeper infra will, Admon 25    
1754 Scholes, James husbandman Worth in Prestwich 25    
1755 Fisher. John Poppythorne admon 25    
1755 Scholes, Jacob clerk ( priest )   25    
1756 Greenshaw, Thomas weaver infra will, admon 25    
1758 Diggle, Robert yeoman   25    
1758 Fallows, John innkeeper admon 25   of Whitefield
1759 Diggles, James weaver admon 25    
1759 Kenyon, Robert weaver Prestwich Wood 25    
1759 Scholes, Thomas Inventory & Admon   25    
1760 Lees, Thomas weaver admon 25    
1761 Hulme, Otho weaver   37    
1761 Hulme,Samuel late of Prestwich   37    
1763 Bent, William gent., Bent in Pr.   37    
1763 Crompton, Thomas Innkeeper Admon 37    
1765 Asheton, Richard Esquire, Bent in Pr. Admon 37    
1768 Burton, Richard husbandman   37    
1768 Diggle, Elizabeth widow   37    
1769 Scholes, Adam yeoman   38    
1773 Rylands, Thomas yeoman   38    
1774 Robinson, Charles yeoman   38    
1775 Ingham, John yeoman Admon 37    
1776 Crompton, Thomas Gent, Prestwich Wood   37    
1777 Fisher, Abigail widow   37    
1778 Parr, Jude Gentleman   38    
1778 Smith, John yeoman, Rooden Lane   38    
1779 Guest, Ralph husbandman Admon 37    
1779 Scholes, George     38    
1783 Coupe, Adam   Admon 44    
1783 Whitehead, Thomas shoemaker Infra will 44    
1784 Lancashire, John yeoman   44    
1784 Ogden, Martha spinster   44    
1785 Hope, Samuel whitster   44    
1785 Whitaker, Edmund   Infra will, admon 44    
1786 Diggles, John Hilton Lane, Pr. whitster 44    
1787 Berry, Mary   widow 44    
1787 Berry, Robert innkeeper Admon 44    
1788 Chapman, James farmer Admon 44    
1789 Hallam, Thomas yeoman   44    
1789 Travis, John whitster   44    
1791 Diggle, John Diggles Fold yeoman, Infra will 45    
1791 Oldham. John yeoman   45    
1791 Scholes, Robert yeoman admon 45    
1792 Edge, Richard Inn keeper   45    
1792 Green, William tailor admon 45    
1792 Hallam, Sarah widow admon 45    
1792 Stephens, John gardener admon, infra will 45    
1793 Heaton, Ralph Rooden Lane infra will 45    
1793 Lancaster, John Jumbo, par Prestwich yeoman, admon 45    
1793 Ramsbottom, John   infra will 45    
1794 Wilde, John yeoman   45    
1795 Stopford, Samuel chapman   45    
1797 Rawstron, Henry farmer admon, infra will 45    
1798 Thorp, Jane widow infra will 45    
1798 Thorp, John weaver infra will 45    
1799 Edge, William Inn keeper   45    
1800 Barlow, John gentleman Prestwich Wood 45    
1800 Starkey, James esquire Polefield 45    
1801 Heaton, William Rooden Lane infra 62 16thDecember
1803 Buckley, John cotton manufacturer Admon 62 16-Nov  
1803 Crosbie, Elizabeth widow A.W. 62 25th April  
1803 Fisher., Mary spinster Sheepfoot Lane 62 23-Apr  
1803 Hulme, Otto Lands End, Prestwich Yeoman 62 15-Mar  
1803 Kenyon, John yeoman Rooden Lane 62 09-Dec  
1803 Lancashire, Josiah yeoman   62 19-Aug  
1803 Mather, Thomas innkeeper Infra will 63 13-Jun  
1803 Milne, James Gentleman   63 05-May  
1804 Scholes, Richard Gentleman Polefield 63 29-Sep  
1805 Blakeley,Booth yeoman infra 62 2nd April  
1806 Sharples, Thomas yeoman   63 24-Jan  
1806 Spencer, John   Infra will 63 12-Dec  
1807 Heaton, James innkeeper   62 25-May  
1807 Scholes, Sarah widow Admon 63 07-Jul  
1807 Smethurst, George weaver   63 19-Aug  
1808 Bentley, Richard warehouseman   62 23-Feb  
1809 Lees, James farmer Admon 62 08-Jul  
1810 Eastwood, Sarah   infra, Admon 62 10th March  
1822 Hall, John Higher Lane, Prstw. widower, infra will 107 June  
1822 Marriott, Martha   admon 107 March  
1822 Scholes, Thomas merchant High Bank 107 August  
1822 Simpson, James farmer   107 September  
1822 Thorpe, Joseph innkeeper, Heaton admon 107 Jan  
1823 Cocker, John yeoman Newbank 107 March  
1823 Lees, Peter farmer   107 March  
1823 Shuttleworth, John manufacturer Poppythorn 107 December  
1824 Consterdine, Thomas     107 May  
1824 Dawson, Jonathan weaver Hollandcroft 107 May  
1824 Hampson, Richard Farmer. Old Hall admon 107 August  
1824 Shuttleworth, Robert farmer, admon Hardmans Fold 107 September  
1825 Allen,Thomas yeoman Kirkhams 107 November  
1825 Oakes, John farmer Whitakers, Prestw. 107    
1825 Pollitt, Thomas yeoman   107 February  
1825 Robinson, Edward cotton weaver Gravel Hole. Infra will 107 February  
1825 Seddon, Anne Ringley Brow, Prest. widow, admon 107 May  
1825 Wilde, Martha widow Holebottom 107 February  
1826 Briggs, Hannah widow, Barton Close Admon 113 December  
1826 Diggles, William Farmer   113 February  
1826 Howard, Richard     113 January  
1826 Munn, John Cotton Manufacturer Admon 113 November  
1826 Walkden, Sarah widow, Goals Mill Infra will, admon 113 May  
1827 Dawson, Jeremiah Rooden Lane   113 January  
1827 Lancashire, John Gent.   113 March  
1827 Lees, James Esq., Clarkesfield, Pr.   113 December  
1827 Pendleton, Edmund yeoman   113 May  
1827 Wilde, Henry   Admon 113 July  
1828 Brown, George labourer   113 January  
1828 Trotter, Isabella Singleton, Prestwich Spinster 113 April  
1829 Holden, Robert Highlands, Prestwich Cotton manufacturer 113 March  
1829 Travis, Richard whitster   113 November  
1830 Barritt, Hannah widow   113 January  
1830 Dawson, Rachel widow, Rooden Lane   113 January  
1830 Hope, Thomas   Smallware manuf. 113 December  
1830 Overall, Mary spinster   113 June  
1830 Slingsby, John     113 June  
1830 Walker, Silence The Bridge, Prestwich widow 113 October  
1831 Grundy, James miner   118 June  
1831 Howorth, Mary Little Heaton   118 August  
1831 Imhoff, Amelia spinster   118 September  
1831 Johnson, James Old hall, warper Infra will, Admon 118 February  
1831 Longworth, Thomas Ostrich lane widr., Admon 118 November  
1831 Slingsby, John     118 August  
1831 Wharton, Philip clerk Infra will 118 May  
1831 Whitehead, Thomas publican Infra will, Admon 118 March  
1832 Carter, John yeoman Outwood 118 March  
1832 Grimshaw, Abram Little Heaton shopkeeper, Admon 118 May  
1832 Jackson, Mary Little Heaton widow 118 March  
1832 Pendleton, James Hilton Lane, Pr. gent. 118 April  
1832 Rayner, John Park Farm farmer 118 October  
1832 Thornbarrow, James road contractor Admon 118 July  
1832 Thorpe, Thomas weaver Admon 118 October  
1833 Ashworth, Anne Simister Lane widow 118 March  
1833 Briggs, Mary Little Heaton weaver 118 August  
1833 Hubbert, George plumber and glazer   118 July  
1833 Hyde, Anne spinster   118 April  
1833 Kay, Dennis Hilton Lane, Pr. wid., Admon 118 November  
1833 Ryder, James publican Admon 118 June  
1833 Williamson, Samuel gent. Admon 118 October  

22 Replies to “Prestwich Wills and Inventories”

  1. Ann Royston nee Bradshaw

    I was hoping to find information regarding Johanis Bradshaw’s parents, born 1678 he married Elizabeth Dawson born 1678.

    • To Ann Royston nee Bradshaw

      I too was looking for info on Johanis Bradshaw and Elizabeth Dawson. Please get in touch if you see this. Johanis and Elizabeth were my 8th great grandparents. Haven’t got any further than that but would love to hear from you.

      • admin

        Hi There,

        John Bradshaw married Elizabeth Dawson in 1696. John was a weaver who lived in Whitefield. He died in 1724 and his widow, Elizabeth, apparently died in 1760. Check out the online Parish Registers for Prestwich for lots of Bradshaws from 1700 onwards ….(Link to the online Parish Registers of Prestwich in our Genealogy section ).


        • Ann Royston

          Thank you for the information you supplied, I have a lot of information but have drawn a blank with Johanis’s parents etc. I have visited Prestwich Parish Church where Johanis is reported to be buried but couldn’t find anything. Thank you again.

          • admin

            “Bradshaw” is a place in Bolton so you might try the Parish Registers for Deane, Bolton-le-Moors, Bury and Radcliffe for your John Bradshaw born about 1670.

          • Richard W. Bratcher

            Ann & others,
            I have recently found through DNA research that I am related to this line of Bradshaw’s. Ironically, this connection was made through a family in Australia. They evidently migrated from Lancashire to Australia in the 1900’s.

            The farthest I had gotten before was South Carlina, USA in the late 1700’s. The DNA indicates that the tie between the lines is several generations prior to Johanis.

            I would love to find out more about this family. It is a bit difficult for me to do direct research from Virginia, USA.

            I am very interested in corresponding with researchers in the UK. Thank you for any assistance you might be able to give.

    • admin

      Hi there,

      There is no Proudman family in Prestwich in the 1851 Census. And very few records in the Parish Registers of St. Mary’s Prestwich.
      Two baptisms are recorded in the 1880s to a John Edward Proudman/Prowdman who was a gardener from Rainsough ….

      Baptism: 16 Apr 1883 St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich, Lancashire, England
      Arthur Ernest Proudman – [Child] of John Edward Proudman & Sarah Ann
      Abode: Rainsough
      Occupation: Gardener
      Baptised by: Philip Lancashire Curate
      Register: Baptisms 1864 – 1891, Page 368, Entry 2941
      Source: LDS Film 2356183

      Baptism: 9 Oct 1881 St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich, Lancashire, England
      George Prowdman – [Child] of John Edward Prowdman & Sarah Ann
      Abode: Rainsough
      Occupation: Gardener
      Baptised by: H. M. Birch Rector
      Register: Baptisms 1864 – 1891, Page 339, Entry 2712
      Source: LDS Film 2356183

  2. Peter Whitehead

    Hi there!
    I just thought i’d write this in the hopes of finding a few Whitehead’s that lived in Prestwich, in and around the parish of St Mary’s.I do know a few of my Whitehead’s were babtised in the parish of St Mary’s.
    My 3 times great grandfather John Whitehead (b. c1805)lived in the Bradford area of Manchester, where many of my Whitehead’s lived and worked. I have found connections with the Parish of St Mary’s, Prestwich.
    If anyone reading this message would like to contact me, please do so and I would be very pleased to hear from you.
    Kind regards,
    Peter Whitehead.

  3. Graham Briggs

    Looking for information on my 3xGrt Grandparents; John & Ann Briggs from either Little Heaton or Pilkington. John born~1791, and Ann born 1790-96?. John was the son of Robert & Phillis Briggs[nee:Thorp/Thorpe]. They appear on the 1851, & 1861 Census, but what about the years before that? When/where were they married? Children? Ann’s family name pre-marriage? Any other information please.


    • Michaela

      there is a John c1791 and Ann Briggs c1796 on the 1841 census living in Pilkington with children:
      Thomas c1816, baptism 9 Jun 1817 at Wesley Methodist Church, Unsworth
      John 21 Mar 1822, baptism 11 Nov 1822 at Wesley Methodist Church, Unsworth
      Walker 31 Jan 1825, baptism 22 Oct 1824 at Wesley Methodist Church, Unsworth
      Richard c1829
      George 6 Apr 1834, baptism 6 Jul 1834 St Marys Prestwich, abode Unsworth

      Occupation on the 1841 census is Beer seller though on the above baptisms it is listed as tailor.

      Other children baptised in Unsworth:
      Charles 18 Jan 1820, baptism 21 Feb 1820
      Other possible children:
      Robert 6 Aug 1832, baptism 9 Sep 1832 St Marys Prestwich, abode Unsworth
      Elizabeth Ellen 6 Jun 1830, baptism 8 Aug 1830 St Marys Prestwich, abode Unsworth
      Occupation of father of both children is Tailor.

      As for date of marriage, best I can come up with is 10 Sep 1810 St Marys, Oldham John Briggs, tailor from Unsworth marries Ann Redford, spinster from Unsworth, witnesses Jonathon Jackson and William Redford (possible lead for you to follow up).

      Hope this helps,
      Best wishes and good luck with the rest of your search, Michaela
      PS My maiden name is Thorpe and my family are from Rhodes, Middleton / Little Heaton area which is how I came by your request 🙂

      Neighbour on the 1841 census is Isaac Briggs, bricklayer and his family, likely to be a relative.
      Wife is Susannah Briggs nee Ramsbottam, marriage 2 Feb 1834, St Leonards Middleton
      William 8 Sep 1834, baptism 5 Oct 1834 St Marys Prestwich, abode Whitefield
      Elizabeth 17 Feb 1836, baptism 17 Apr 1836 St Marys Prestwich, abode Unsworth

  4. Susan Barlow

    I too am trying to track a John and Ann Briggs of similar ages to yours. My ancestor is Isaacher Briggs, who has been relatively easy to track due to the odd name. He was born in 1815 and baptised in Middleton St Leonard – parents John and Ann. He then married in 1836 in Bury St Mary, and seems to have settled in Pilkington. It seems he may have been a tailor also, so the Ann and John above look promising. thanks.
    There was a Susannah Briggs as witness at Isaachar’s wedding but no idea what kind of relative.

  5. Mel Smethurst

    Have traced all family to 17th C and established that most now occupy a spot in the vast open spaces of St Mary’s Prestwich. Have written to the Church folk but not received a reply [ perhaps not surprisingly ] as to whether there exists, somewhere, some semblance of grave order for even a trace of one or two ancestors. Grateful if anyone can help.

    • Robert Booth

      Reply to Mel Smethurst.

      Not sure this helps but Martha Smethurst married my relative William Booth on 31stOct 1771. In neighbouring Eccles Unfortunate I cannot find previous history for Martha- wondered whether you can help.

    • Paul Lightfoot

      Hi Mel,
      don’t know if it’s any help but my mother is formerly of smethurst family, i eventing did a family tree as far back as the 16th century, the smethurst name (eventually smethursti) is prominent in prestwich and rarely goes from the area, once or twice as far as Radcliffe /Bolton.
      my mother is still very much alive at 79 years of age. You’re more than welcome to contact me for more info at

  6. Carole Stoney

    Hi Mel,
    I have been to the St Mary’s myself today, on a similar mission, looking for the grave of my great grandfather x5. I looked at various lists and scrolls with the church warden but found it all very confusing as the references on the lists could not be found on the scrolls! I came away very disappointed. I would suggest you ring up the warden. The phone number is on their website.

  7. R.M

    I am looking for any records of two people.namely my Aunt & Uncle.they are NORA(H) and STEPHEN MINTERN.they wre born in Cork.Ireland.circa:1896/1902,for NORA.and circa:1903/ STEPHEN and ELLEN MINTERN.on their mother`s death.circa:1911.the family was split.I believe Nora & Stephen,were sent to the Bury/Prestwick area to be taken care of by relaative`s.likewise.other brothers.PATRICK and ANTHONY-LEO.(my Father)were intern sent to Kent.hence later in life met my Mother.and so on.circa:1919.NORA married ANDREW DINEEN.then they returned to Cork.and raised a family.what I`m looking for is any record`s on them from the time they arrived in Lanc`s.especially he did or where he went.and what happened to him.if I recall,we knew him as Christie.(Christopher?)when we were my middle name is Christopher.anyone know anything.or where I can find any fact`s….Thank`s.

  8. Dee Evans

    I am trying to research information about my ancestors – the Wood and Walkden families. They lived on Rooden Lane, Prestwich and there is a connection with St. Mary’s where I have found some church records relating to them.

    If anyone has any information on these families, it would be greatly appreciated – some of my relatives:

    Martin and Maria Wood
    Dennis Walkden and Bertha Wood

    Many thanks,
    Denise Evans

    • David Walkden

      Hi Dee,

      Obviously it has been a while since you wrote this, I wanted to reply as I came across this message whilst searching for something else. I have quite an extensive family tree with the surname Walkden all originating from the Rooden Lane area. Very recently after confirming my 5th Great Grandfather I was able to then also link my 4th Great Grandfathers brothers and sisters. They are Thomas Walkden an Betty Burgess, Thomas’s brother is Samuel Walkden who in turn is the farther of Dennis Walkden who married Bertha Wood. If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      Many thanks,
      David Walkden

  9. Dee Evans

    Hi David,
    Hope you are well.
    Just found this post whilst researching. I don’t think I responded back then – must have missed it. Might be a bit late – but thank you.

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