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Both Prestwich and Whitefield had lowish populations up to the Industrial Revolution. After about 1750 the local population began to grow slowly. It was not until the coming of the Railway to both communities in 1879 that Prestwich and Whitefield became true suburbs of Manchester and the population took off.

Up to 1750 there was a comparatively stable population in both towns. In Prestwich a group of Yeomen Farmer families which first emerged in the 16th Century are apparent throughout the subsequent centuries. These families were … Hardman, Diggle, Guest, Hilton, Hulton, Tomlinson, Gartside, Edge, Glover, Eckersall, Scholes, Lancashire, Wilson. Anyone with historic links to Prestwich is going to find several of those family names on their Family Tree.

The same is true of Whitefield with names like Barlow, Berry, Dawson, Haddock, Sergeant, Siddal, Smethurst, Walker and Holt ( Unsworth) being consistently prominent.

We list below some of the Resources available for the Genealogy of our district.

Parish Registers.

Prestwich Parish Registers go back to 1603. Pilkington ( Whitefield, Outwood and Unsworth ) were in the Parish of Prestwich until 1826. In 1826 Whitefield became a separate Parish based on the new church of Stand All Saints.

Prestwich Parish Registers ( 1603 to 1712) were published by the Lancashire Parish Register Society in two volumes ; Vol 1 1603-1689 and Vol 2 1689-1712.

Prestwich Parish Registers right through from 1603 until the late 19th century are now online in the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk series ( transcribed by Lynne Ransom).


The Marriage Registers of Stand All Saints ( Whitefield ) are online at ..


The Census

The British Census began in 1801 and has been carried on every ten years since then.

The Census records were only kept in any detail from 1841 onwards.

The transcripts of the 1841 and 1851 Censuses are available on microfilm in most local libraries e.g Bury and Manchester Central Library.

Bury Library also has written transcipts of the 1841 Census for the whole of the Bury area including Prestwich and Whitefield. There is one volume dedicated solely to Prestwich. The 1841 Census for Whitefield occurs in the three volumes in this series given over to Pilkington.

The Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society has published the 1851 Census for Prestwich on CD  and it can be purchased from them at …


Other Censuses between 1851 and 1911 are available online and searchable in many places. The 1881 Census for example is available FREE at …


Wills and Inventories

Prestwich Parish, including Whitefield, was in the Diocese of Chester from 1545 until 1858. All Wills were proved there and recorded in the Chester Records. When a person died an Inventory of their goods and chattels was often made as well and many of these Inventories survive.

The Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire published lists of all the Chester Diocese Wills and Inventories, including those relevant to this neighbourhood for the period 1545 to 1858. But those indices are difficult to use – they are arranged alphabetically by surname with each volume covering a 30 year period or so.

Bury family History Society has compiled a list of Wills at Chester for the period 1845 to 1780. It includes Wills from Prestwich and Whitefield. A copy of this index is in the Local History Section at Bury Library.

Prestwich Wills and Inventories are also listed in the Genealogy section of this current website.

The Wills themselves are now at Lancashire Record Office in Preston. Copies of the actual Wills and Inventories can be obtained fairly cheaply by Post.


Local Resources.

There are several centres which have good resources for the Genealogy of this District…

–      Prestwich Library

–     Whitefield Library

– Bury Family History Society    http://www.lfhhs.org.uk/bury/index.htm

–      Bury Local and Family History Library holds extensive local history records and has Family History Surgeries every Thursday morning.

–      Manchester Local History Library, Central Library.

–      Salford Local History Library, the Crescent

–      Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society ( website as above)

General Resources.

In addition to the sources specific to this neighbourhood, discussed above, there are more general sources …

 – The IGI – the International Genealogical Index is maintained and published by the Mormon Church. It can be found on Microfiche in most good libraries. The IGI lists all events, births, deaths and marriages abstracted form Parish and other Records. A starting point for more detailed research.


– BMD – Births Deaths and Marriages.

The British Records for these three key life events go back to the 1830s. There are accessible online and at the Greater Manchester Record Office.

Searches of the Indexes are often  free but copies of the actual Certificates cost ..



– Directories. Directories of local towns and vilklages began to be made in the late 18th Century. They list the upper and middle classes and tradesmen. A good starting point for our area is Baines’ 1825 Directory of Lancashire which includes Prestwich and Whitefield. The Baines Directory of 1825 is in most Local History/Studies Libraries. Some relevant Directories are listed here …


– One Name Studies.  Families where a lot of research has been done, frequently have One Name Societies and websites e.g the Diggle family have a Forum …


58 Replies to “Local Resources for Family History”

  1. lorraine

    Looking for any information on the Hilton/Kay families of Prestwich/Whitefield.

    Arthur Hilton born abt 1852 Prestwich was a Messenger Carrier- any photographs with him on would be great.

    His father was Thomas Hilton born 1829 Whitefield and he was married to Martha Kay of Prestwich daughter of Dennis and Mary Kay.

    I have got back to Thomas Hilton 1734 and cannot get back any further.

    Any information on the above families would be great.

  2. Sue Adams Higdon

    I am a descendant of the Prestwich family and would love to find pictures or paintings of any of my ancestors. Can anyone provide pictures of graves of any Prestwich members?

    I live in the United States of America and have never been to visit this area. I would surely love to see it!

  3. Chris Musson

    I am researching the family of Greenbank Lowis.I have a copy of his marriage certificate dated 9 September 1887 but the name of the church is illegible. It appears to be Sellasjarets. Please any clues. He was a grocer and lived in Roods Lane.

  4. J Potter

    Looking for information on Squire and Alice Mills who had a shop at 260 Bury New Road, Whitefield. In 1891 their children consisted of: Albert, Sarah, William, Edward & Mary B. Edward was born in 1888

    Thank you

  5. Mel Smethurst

    Have traced family history to this area to point where Thurston Smethurst married Anne Heape [1707], son also Thurston married Mary Jones circa 1739. Any Smethursts have a connection?

    • Framwell


      My forbears include James Barret & Elizabeth Smethurst of Eccles, who married at Gorton in 1709/10. Elizabeth was bap Eccles 1685 to Thurston Smethurst of Prestwich parish. (I’m comfortable it’s her; James and Elizabeth named their second son Thurston.) We’re likely remotely related but figuring out how may be a challenge.

      I only recently stumbled on the Smethurst connection and don’t know very much about the family. The Smethursts run back a long way at Prestwich and Bury; some names, including Thurston, recur in both lines. I suspect they’re related but it may be hard to document how.

      There is a Thurstan Smethurst (misindexed on Ancestry as Sondthurst) baptized at Eccles in 1666. His father’s name may be Richard; a word follows, possibly an abode, but hard to make out. It looks like that Thurstan married Ann Wallwork at Eccles in 1692/93. He’s probably not your Thurstan, but I thought you should be aware of him.

      He’s probably not my Elizabeth’s father either. It’s possible that the Thurston who bapped children at Bury in the 1650s was the Thurston who bapped at Prestwich in the 1660s, and his son (bap 1655 Bury) is the Thurston junior who bapped at Prestwich in the 1690s. If so, junior could have been Elizabeth’s father, and he might also be the father of a Thurston who married Ann Heap in 1707 (or have remarried her himself). But at this point this is rampant speculation. I have not even turned up a marriage for any Thurston before 1692.

      You probably should try to chase down the bond and affidavit for the license for the 1707 marriage. I can’t find an image anywhere, although the index describes Thurston as “of Prestwich,” as you’d expect. The only thing more I can offer at this point is a suggestion that you expand your inquiries to Eccles and Bury if you haven’t and best wishes for success.


      Jim (framwell0 on Ancestry).

      • Mel Smethurst

        Hi Jim,
        I was highly embarrassed when coming across this site’s forum again after so long and realising I had forgotten I had posted it. My apologies and belated thanks for your response.
        My 5th, 6th & 9TH G/Grandfathers were named Thurstan/ton. Thomas & Richard were 7th and 8th.
        I am of the view that, due to the fact that Thurstan is a very unusual name, anybody claiming to be related to these Smethursts are more likely than not to be related to me.
        Unfortunately, as you indicated, proofing it is more difficult and more so as my UK researcher slowed down to a snail’s pace with detail prior to the Thurstan/Ann Heape union as, although I have names and some dates, there appear to more question marks. You appear to have had more success than I had and my South African base has not helped matters being unfamiliar with resources available etc.
        Anyway the closest I have is a Thurstan whose DOB is not known being a brother of the above Thomas born 1659, and it’s possible, because of of a further 4 brothers, that he could be the [Sondhurst] born/baptised 1666, being one of the eldest brothers, AND I have him as a son of above Richard.
        Being an 8thG/Uncle I don’t have his line after marriage but it’s possible that his daughter Elizabeth you referred to was who the next Elizabeth, daughter of Thurstan/Ann Heape born 1724 was named after -Who knows.
        If you have time and inclination perhaps we could exchange invites to trees for further investigation I could let you have details.
        Thanks again
        Mel Smethurst

  6. martin gray

    My 2xgrt.grandfather John Gray was buried in St.Mary the Virgin’s Churchyard, Prestwich, Lanc’s on the 14th.Oct. 1899. Does anyone know if records have been made of the MI’s in St.Mary’s Churchyard. He was living in 38 Fairfax Road, Prestwich with his Daughter and her husband John Kay and family at the time of his death. I would dearly like to find his grave.

    Regards Marin Gray

  7. Susan Ford

    I live in California and I am having difficulty tracking down information regarding my ancestors Ann Ogden and her husband John Clough. The good news is that I just verified that they married on 20 February 1787 at St. Mary the Virgin, Prestwich, Lancashire, England. However, by the time Ann and John got married they already had 7 children, the first child was born in 1773. After marriage Ann and John had 6 more children including my direct ancestor a girl they named Mally Clough born 1793. All 13 children, the last child born 1798 were baptized at St. Mary the Virgin, Bury, Lancashire.

    As all 13 children were baptized at a different church I imagine the only reason Ann Ogden and John Clough were married at St. Mary the Virgin in Prestwich is because Ann was originally from Prestwich and she had family members still living in the area at the time the marriage took place. BTW, according to Lancashire On-Line Parish Clerks Ann Ogden was of this parish i.e. Prestwich but John Clough was from the parish of Radcliffe, Lancashire, England.

    Anyways, due to the differing locations I am having a hard time tracing their date of birth, confirming place of birth and death and also siblings if any as well as their respective parents. Perhaps Ann and John were born in the 1750’s? I would be glad to hear from anyone who can direct me to any specific genealogy resources that will help me obtain the information I seek. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi there Susan,

      Both Ogden and Clough were common surnames in South East Lancashire. They occur many times in the local registers.

      Prestwich, Radcliffe and Bury are close neighbours, in fact Prestwich and Radcliffe are now part of Bury Metropolitan District.

      There was an Ann Ogden baptised at St Mary’s Prestwich on 1st April 1746. She was the daughter of Amos Ogden a shoemaker from Whitefield ( a village in the Parish of Prestwich).The Parish of Prestwich was huge and included seven other Townships/villages apart from Prestwich itself.

      If your Ann and John had a son called Amos, the 1746 girl might have been her.

      As you say a John Clough of Radcliife and Ann Ogden of this Parish were married in 1787 at Prestwich but they went on to have a daughter called Mary baptised at Prestwich in 1789 when John and Ann were described as living in Whitefield. This might suggest that your John and Ann were NOT the couple married in 1787 in Prestwich.

      • Susan Ford

        I appreciate getting a response so quickly. Thank you. My ancestors surnames Ogden and Clough seem most popular in South East Lancashire. If these names occur many times in the local registers could you please tell me where the local register is kept and how I may get in touch to gather more information? Thank you.

        Unfortunately, my ancestors did not have a son named Amos or a daughter named Mary, but they did have the following children after marriage:

        Luke and Mark Clough (Twins) born 10 October 1788
        Henry Clough born 21 March 1791
        Mally Clough born 6 July 1793 (My direct ancestor)
        Nelly Clough born 21 June 1795
        James Clough born 22 October 1798

        All of the above children were baptized at St. Mary the Virgin Church in Bury, Lancashire which suggests Ann and John moved. I obtained the above information from FamilySearch.org

        With respect to the date of John and Ann’s marriage which took place on 20 February 1787, I have confirmed the marriage via the following 3 sources: FamilySearch.org GenesReunited and Lancashire OPC.

        I learned from 2 of the sources that Ann Ogden was born in the parish of Prestwich and that John Clough was born in the parish of Radcliffe. But as you suggest, “The parish of Prestwich was huge and included 7 other Townships/Villages apart from Prestwich itself.” Perhaps if you could kindly furnish me with the names of all the Townships and Villages that the Parish of Prestwich covered area wise circa. 1740 – 1800 period then just maybe I could try and find Ann by location.

        I am wondering if the Parish of Radcliffe extends to multiple Townships and Villages as well?

        I look forward to hearing from you again in the hopes you can provide answers to my questions. Thank you Admin so much for responding thus far.

  8. Admin

    Hello again,

    Most of the Lancashire Parish Registers were published in book form a last century, and now available of CD. Local libraries and Societies stock them.

    You might contact Lancashire Parish Register Society…

    and Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society ( who have a large Library of all local resources and might be able to furnish a local researcher for you…..

    Bury also has a genealogical society..

    The townships in Prestwich Parish were Prestwich, Great Heaton, Little Heaton, Tonge, Alkrington, Chadderton and Pilkington ( Pilkington further divided up into sub-Townships – Whitefield, Outwood and Unsworth ). The Parish had originally been even bigger ( Prestwich-cum-Oldham) and also included Oldham, Royton, Crompton and Werneth.

    Ogden was a name that had historically been strongly associated with Alkrington ( now in Middleton, part of Rochdale MBC ). In medieval records the name sometimes appears as “Okedene”.

    A map of the historic Prestwich Parish is in the maps section of our website..

    I still don’t think the Mary and John that were married in Prestwich in 1787 are your ancestors because the children’s names are different. Although Whitefield di not have its own church until 1826 so if they lived in Whitefield they should have gone to Prestwich Church but Bury and Radcliffe were only a few miles away.

  9. Robert William Robinson

    March 4, 2012
    Dear Admin.,
    I live in Georgia, U.S.A. My family research indicates that I am a descendant of Robert William Robinson (born in 1860). In 1881 England census, Robert William Robinson, his wife, Ellen Jackson, and Brother Joseph Robinson were living with their Aunt, Priscilla Jones ( born in 1834) and her three children. Aunt Priscilla’s children were, Joseph Jones, David Jones, and Sarah J. Jones. The family, except Robert William who was in the military 1900, lived in Prestwich from 1881 to 1911. Robert William Robinson reenlisted in the Great War. I was told he had military medals from 1900 and 1914-18 wars. In 1930s he was one of the British merchants in Ghana (Gold Coast), West Africa.
    In 1936 one Robert Robinson, age 76, died at Lancaster (LAN/134/15), Preston. Could this Robert Robinson be Robert William Robinson and therefore hints he and his family were living in Lancaster in the 30s? Where can I go to get more information about the two related families, Priscilla Jones and Robert William Robinson? Does Prestwich have Newspaper Archives from the 30s?
    I would be grateful for any help you can assist me with in my search.
    Thank you.

    Robert William Robinson

  10. Lynda Johnson

    I am trying to locate the grave of my great grandfather JAMES JOHNSON 1846-1905. I know he is buried at St Mary’s in Prestwich and would love to visit his grave and maybe find his wife Jane as well.

  11. Lynda Johnson

    Sorry, I forgot to add that according to lan-opc JAMES JOHNSON was buried on 4/7/1905, it is in the Register of Burials 1903-1921 Page 46 Entry 368 Parish Register but of course I need to know the plot number of his grave.

  12. Ann Marshall

    Hi, I am trying to find out the whereabouts of my Grandad’s grave. His name was William Williams.He lived at 62 Sandy Lane, Prestwich until he died there on 04/05/1956 He was born 1883/1884. The death certificate states he was 73yrs when he passed away. His wife’s name was Ada Williams nee Farrar. I can remember several of her family living next door and nearby. Ada died in 1950. I have no idea where she was buried just that she died in hospital. Can anyone help please? Regards Ann Marshall

    • admin

      Hi Ann,

      why not try the Priest in Charge at St. Mary’s Parish Church,Prestwich as a starting point ( I believe they have a record of burials) and then check out Agecroft Cemetery, Salford ( which is quite close) .

      If you are near Prestwich you should check the death notices in the Prestwich Guide for 1956 which is in Prestwich Library on Microfilm.


  13. Peter Hastings

    Hi, I’m trying to track down information about my grandparents. They were Ernest Devenport Smethurst (with various spellings of the middle name) b Blackley 1867 d 1923 and Leah Alice Hilton b Whitefield 1893 d 1978. The Hilton family lived around Besses o’ th’ Barn according to the 1901 and 1911 Censuses.

    Although they appear on my Mum’s birth certificate as married, I can’t find any records of a marriage. Ernest appears in the marriage register in 1889, but I can’t find out much about that either.

    Has anyone any info about the two people of their families please?


  14. Carole Stoney

    I have traced my paternal ancestors as far back as Richard Mayor, of Heaton Gate, who died on 24th February, 1779 and was buried at St. Mary’s Prestwich. I visited the church today hoping to find his grave but after looking at various lists and scrolls, and scouring the churchyard, I was unable to find his grave.
    I was looking for his grave in an effort to find out how old he was when he died, and from that find the year of his birth/baptism – to date I have found 4 possible Richard Mayors in Lancashire who could be him – but which one?

    I got all of my information from the actual church records and microfilms/microfiches about 20 years ago. Recently I have also searched in Ancestry.com but have been unable to find any more information on him.

    Richard was my great grandfather x5. I would love to be able to find him as my father, Stanley Mayor who is now 91, would be really thrilled!

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • admin

      Hi Carole,

      Heaton Gate was in what is now Heaton Park. It was demolished to make way for the landscaping and park around Heaton Hall in the late 1770s.

      In fact Heaton Hall was completely rebuilt around that time and since Richard Mayor was a Joiner it is possible he was working on the big house.

      The Parish registers show 4 entries for him in the 1770s. Reproduced below .

      1. he was married to Ann Eckersall in 1774 ( she couldn’t write and signed with an X )

      2. They had a child called Thomas in 1777.

      3. Richard died in February 1779.

      4. Ann, his wife, had a posthumous son in March 1779 ( also called Richard) a month after Richard’s death.

      Marriage: 17 Mar 1774 St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich, Lancs.
      Richard Mayor – this parish
      Ann Eckersall – (X), this parish
      Witness: Wm. Walmsley; Thos. Lees
      Married by Banns by: James Archer
      Register: Marriages 1774 – 1779, Page 7
      Source: LDS Film 2113205

      Baptism: 29 Dec 1777 St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich, Lancashire, England
      Thos. Mayor – Son of Richard Mayor & Ann
      Abode: Great Heaton
      Register: Baptisms 1769 – 1790, Page 32
      Source: LDS Film 2356182

      Burial: 24 Feb 1779 St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich, Lancashire, England
      Richard Mayor –
      Abode: Heaton gate
      Occupation: Joiner
      Source: LDS Film 2356182

      Baptism: 28 Mar 1779 St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich, Lancashire, England
      Richd. Mayor – Son of Richd. Mayor, deceased & Ann
      Abode: Heaton Gate
      Register: Baptisms 1769 – 1790, Page 45
      Source: LDS Film 2356182

      The Prestwich Parish Registers are online at …

      There was an Ann Eckersal baptised at St. Mary’s in 144. She was from Heaton …it may or may not have been her

      Baptism: 15 Mar 1744 St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich, Lancashire, England
      Anne Eckersal – Daughter of Adam Eckersal
      Abode: Heaton
      Occupation: Weaver
      Register: Baptisms 1712 – 1752, Page 98, Entry 3
      Source: LDS Film 2113204

      There is a list of people buried in Prestwich Churchyard in Bury Local History Library with some of the plots indicated which might be of use to you.


  15. Carole Stoney

    Hi Admin,
    Thank you for your very quick response. All of the information you have given to me about Richard and Heaton HallI already have, thank you. I had also considered the possibility of him working at the hall during its renovation – either that or he was employed, maybe, in the making of looms?

    I know that Richard was buried in St Mary’s Churchyard and have today seen the list at the church. What the warden was unable to give me was the plot number. There was a burial number of 5144 that could not be found anywhere on the existing scrolls ie plans of the churchyard. I can only assume that his grave has been covered over as myself and a friend searched methodically today for several hours. The warden was as helpful as he could be but had no knowledge that was of any value.

    One other piece of information I have is that he made an ‘infra’ will – I will need to go to Chester to have a look at it. Hopefully, there will be some additional information available to me there – but I doubt it will give me his date of birth which would then possibly enable me to trace the family back even further.

    The information about him leaving a will (Ancestry.com)makes me almost certain that he was not buried in an unmarked grave.

    Many thanks for your time and I will certainly look at the Bury list to see if it clarifies the position of the grave.

    • admin

      hello again,

      you don’t need to go to Chester for the will.
      Lancashire Wills were transferred to the Lancashire Record Office in Preston.

      You can get a copy of the Will by post if you contact the LRO website.

      An “infra” Will means the value of the sum left was less than £40.


  16. Ken Craven

    My 4 times great grandparents, Joseph and Mary Brooks appear in the burial register for St Marys Prestwich, both buried 10 Sept 1843, abode Bolton. Joseph was 69, entry 98 and Mary 65 entry number 99. I wondered if there would be any further information anywhere. I know they married at this church [20 July 1800] and Joseph was a weaver.
    Is there likely to be a grave headstone?

  17. Robert Booth

    Hi anyone,

    Just wondered if anyone knew about the Booth family/families living in Fleams or Newham, in the early 1700’s and/or late 1600’s? I have checked the OPC with some success but needed some conformational info. Thanks

  18. Margaret Ellen Kay "Peggy"

    Hi to anyone, I have traced my family (Kay) to Jumbo Lane on the 1841 England Census in Prestwich Cum Oldham.. We have William Kay B. 1809 married to Mary Hilton b. 1815.. In the family on the Census we have their children Thomas, Elizabeth, And Ann listed but also living in the house are John Kay and his wife Mary Maria Kay.. They are William’s parents.. I have attempted to find Jumbo Lane but it appears to have been lost when streets changed.. Does anyone know where it possibly was located..?? We need to find the parish for the births and deaths in the families as well a surname for Mary Maria..I believe it was near St. Mary’s.. We are stuck right here and cannot get any farther back than 1841.. The family sailed to America in 1848 including John Kay but Mary Maria was not with them.. Assuming she was deceased I would like to know what parish to look into for records of a burial or death record.. I can only assume that it is near Jumbo Lane… We also know they were weavers.. Thank you in advance, Peggy Kay

  19. admin

    Hi there,

    Prestwich cum Oldham was a huge Parish encompassing the Townships of Prestwich, Alkrington, Pilkington, Great and Little Heaton, Tonge, Chadderton, Oldham, Royton and Crompton.
    When the phrase “Prestwich cum Oldham” is used in official sources it means that the place is not actually in Prestwich itself (the records just say “Prestwich” for that) but in one of the other places.

    I looked at the 1841 Census and it says “Grimshaw or Jumbo Lane” for those Kay entries. Grimshaw Lane is still now in Middleton but it was in Tonge historically.

    You might try contacting Middleton Civic Society and Chadderton Historical Society….

    Middleton Civic Association. Audrey Riches. 0161 653 5600


    For old maps of Lancashire try …


    enter Middleton in the search box and you want the SECOND one of “Middleton, Lancashire and Furness” in the list presented.
    You can see maps from the 1840s by clicking in the box to the top right of the modern map.



    • admin


      you might like to try the records of St. Michael’s Chuirch in Tonge for your Kays …

      St Michael, Townley St, Tonge cum Alkrington, Alkrington, M24 1BT
      St Michael is located at OS Grid Reference – SD 874057
      Founded: 1839
      See the Church website

  20. R.M

    Hi.I’m looking for information on one.STEPHEN MINTERN.Born CORK.IRELAND.1904.(+/-)Died.1989.Lancashire.if this is the man I.m looking for,he could be my late Fathers older brother. My G/mother died in 1913.it is said my G/father could not manage the children.my Father(Anthony Leo) the youngest was sent to Kent.along with his elder brother Patrick,to be cared for by Relatives.Nora the eldest sibling,along with Stephen went to Lancashire.so it worked out,there were two other children.Mary Ellen.died at 8months. John.was Killed in WW1.the four remaining.in order Nora, Patrick,Stephen and Anthony.so 1-3 to Lancs. 2-4 to Kent.in 1919.Nora Married Andrew Dinneen.(Prestwich)and returned to Ireland.and raised a family.Patrick Married Marie.returned to Ireland. no family.my Father married Kathleen Whiting.stayed here.large family..I cannot find out anything on Stephen.only the above.so if this is the gentleman.I’m looking for anyone who may have any information on what he did, and where he led his life I’m sure we(as kids)new him as Christie.was his middle name Christopher.as mine is.

  21. Christina White

    I am trying to trace my great grand uncle John Hargreaves Wray born in 1870 in Blackburn. I have come across a death record for a JH Wray in 1924 with Prestwich listed. His wife had declared herself a widow by the time of the 1901 census (they had been living in Salford) and remarried in 1913. I wondered if poor John H had ended up in the asylum but the online admissions only go up to 1901 and the parish clerks register of deaths is only up to date to 1923. I feel as though he still eludes me. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    • Jo Cook

      Hi Christina – John Hargeaves Wray was married to my Gt Gt Grandmother Judith Hannah nee Milner. I also saw on 1901 census she is living with her family and describing herself as a ‘widow’. I couldn’t find a death for John Wray between 1891 and 1901. She didn’t marry my Gt Gt Grandfather until in 1913 and my Granddad was born in 1914 by which time she was in her forties. My grandfather believed his mother had died soon after he was born – but I have found out recently she lived till he was 15 and died of long standing syphilis in some sort of nursing home/institution. So must have been ‘put away’ I imagine – as my Gt Grandad registered her death. On the 1911 Census Judith states she had had one live birth but no living children. I assume this would be a child she had with your Gt Grand Uncle.

      • Christina White

        Dear Jo

        Thank you so much for posting this message. This is the first information that I have had about John Hargreaves in over ten years of searching.Did Judith Hannah marry someone with the surname Cushing? Do you have any photographs of her? Best wishes Christina

      • Christina White

        Jo I have an update. I have found archive newspaper records which state that John Hargreaves Wray died suddenly in Stryj, Austria in 1895 ( this is now the Ukraine, but in 1895 was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). Interestingly the death notice which was published three times states that he is the son of James Wray, Darwen but makes no mention of the wife? Just thought it adds to the intrigue.

  22. Ken Craven

    My four times great grandparents, Joseph, age 69, and Mary Brooks [nee Ogden]age 65, were both buried on the same day 10 Sep 1843 at St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich. There abode was given as Bolton.
    I wondered if there was a gravestone that might give any further details?

  23. R.M

    Hi.does anyone out there have any information.the above people.Stephen and sister Nora Mintern. Born.Cork Ireland.to Stephen and Ellen Mintern.both came to Prestwick area of Manchester.after theirs mothers death in 1911.Nora went on to Marry Andrew Dinneen.circa1919.they returned to Ireland.(Cork).and raised their family.,……Stephen,I assume remained in the area.and I think died in 1987?…..the other two children,Patrick. And my Father Anthony Leo.were sent to Kent to be raised by other relatives…Patrick,married and returned to Ireland.Dad stayed married Kathleen Whiting.and had a large family….what I require is as much information on what Nora did in those years in Manch. Ester.also what Stephen did or where he went.until his death…..there could be a connection with the Dinneen Family.in that area…..I would most appreciate and information on the subjects concern………. Thank You.

    • R.M

      Hi.anyone,out there.I am still looking for any.info.on the Mintern/Dinneen family.especially.Stephen.b:Cork 1906.sent to Bury area.aged about six(6).with his elder sister Nora(14?).after their Mother Ellen passed away 1913.Nora wed Andrew Di(n?)neen.1919.they returneed to Cork.so are there any Mintern`s or Dinneen`s.still in the Lancs region whom may have any info on both parties…..Thanks.RM.

  24. Brian Cummins

    Hello. My half uncle James Ashton Booth was born to Elizabeth Booth in Whitfield in 1895. No father is named on his birth cert. but on his Baptism in Stand Church the father is named as Joseph Cummins, my grandfather. Joseph married Nelly Greatbanks in 1899 and the 1901 Census shows James Ashton as a ‘grandchild’. The 1911 census has him listed as ‘lodger’ along with Joseph and Nelly’s 3 children. He went to war and was killed in 1918. The citation put on CWGC is a pack of lies! Joseph obviously did not want James to be known as his! What happened to Elizabeth Booth? In 1891 she was working ‘at the big house’, the story that has been passed down. Did she die? No record that I can find. Did she marry but not take on the child? Help please. Brian Cummins

    • admin

      From: sylvia clarke [mailto:sylviacook@hotmail.co.uk]
      Sent: 14 October 2014 20:16
      To: Prestwich & Whitefield Heritage Society
      Subject: [clean-contact] death certificate

      hi , ive found a death of a George Clarke death 1876 buried in st marys Prestwich , he was 39 and he said his fathers name was john, where would I apply for a copy of that death certificate , I cant see how it can be the George Clarke im after as far as I know he lived in the widnes area , but im wondering if he went north looking for work or something , the George Clarke im after was on the 1871 census with his wife mary and sons George and john, –can anyone find this other George Clarke who died in Prestwich on the 1871 census there in Prestwich , any info so greatfully received please , thank you , silv

    • Steve Holt

      Hi Brian…probably a coincidence but my Great Grandmother was an Elizabeth Booth who lived in Whitefeild and was born in 1871. She married my Great Grandfather Edward Edney and gave birth to my Grandmother Amy Edney in 1903. That is all I know of her.

  25. lesley thomas

    Hi I’m trying to find my father fredrick Thomas age approx 83 his parents lived in old Whitefield he has a tattoo of an hawian lady on his arm I have not seen him for over 50yrs please can you help

  26. Anthony Taylor

    On 27th October 1919, a worker at the County Asylum, Prestwich, fell from a ladder on which he was working and was fatally injured in the accident. His name was Sam Kenyon, aged 37 years. Could this have been the same Sam Kenyon who as 81970 Sergeant Sam Kenyon was decorated for bravery whilst serving with the Royal Engineers in France in 1916/17 ?

    • Anthony Taylor

      I am still looking for information about this Sam Kenyon of Prestwich who died in October 1919. The national on-line newspaper archives don’t seem to have anything about the incident. Is there any local archive that has the local newspapers for October 1919 which might have reported such a dramatic and tragic incident? Any help would be most welcome.

  27. Liz Griffin

    Hi, I am trying to find info on my Gr Grandfather, Thomas Rourke, born Galway,Ireland in 1862, came over to Lancashire approx. 1881, married my Gr.Grandmother, Sarah Mills from Bilston, Staffs in 1888 in Nether Knutsford. Mr grandfather Benjamin was born 1889 at 3 Lord Street, Pilkington, my Gr.Grandfather died 1891 in I think Ardwick Hosp, he was living at 4 Rayson Street, Blackley/Prestwich at that time. Can anyone tell me where he might be buried, any info. would be appreciated. Liz Griffin

  28. Andrea Frost

    Hi, I am trying to find the parents of Robert Jackson born abt 1814. His first marriage was to Ruth Manning the second marriage to Harriet Gough. They lived in Little Heaton and Robert died in 1864 in Rhodes Green. His Father is named Thomas Jackson occupation Husbandman on his marriage certificate to Harriet but I can not find his birth being registered or his Mothers name. Any information would be very much appreciated.

  29. Susan Clark

    I am trying to find info on Mary Butterworth and George Robinson who married at St Marys Prestwich on 28th March 1836. George is on census has being born in Liverpool and Mary is born at Clitheroe. Any ideas as to why they should both end up in Prestwich?

    • admin

      Hi there,
      it depends what kind of work they did, perhaps their jobs drew them here.

      Prestwich was a country village at the time and the church was thought to be in a lovely location. It brought people from all over Lancs to get married ( and buried) there. Did they live in Prestwich afterwards. Was it a shotgun wedding ?

  30. margaret moss

    Hi, can l ask do you have any very old head stones with the surname Goodall,When l was about four years old my dad went on a quest to find a head stone to find his family,try to find this place wear he taken me,all l remember is the grave is in the corner 2nd to 3rd one along, to the left was like metal fencing with trees behind,and when l was looking at my dad behind him was brick wall with metal a foot path and then a road,

  31. Elaine Watkins

    Hello, I am trying to find information on Bannister and Sons, Decorators, at 416, Bury New Road, Tel: Whitefield 296. They are listed in Kellys Directory 1929. Is this the same family listed in 1911 at 33, Chester St. Prestwich. Any information or suggestion about following up this lead would be appreciated. Thank you. Elaine

  32. Frances White

    My great grandfather, Daniel Ferguson Ramsay died at 2 Myrtle Bank, Poppythorn Lane, Prestwich in 1896. This is a different address from his home at 28 Seymour Road. I wonder if the address at Myrtle bank may have been a private hospital or nursing home. I am writing from New Zealand and would be hugely grateful if anyone could help me with this. Kind regards,Frances

  33. di

    Hi I am trying to find information on the long family who moved to prestwich the parents were arthur and ana long. Arthur worked a a gardener for Phillips park. Any news would be great. They had a son cyril and Arthur and possibly Ernest. Thanks

  34. Jane

    Hi all, hoping this is something you can help me with. I believe my great-grandfather was named after his great-Aunt’s husband, John Ryle, who was Sexton at St. Mary’s Prestwich around 1891. I’ve found most of the relevant BMD and census records about John and his wife (my 4x great Aunt Selina Eckersall) but I’m interested in what it meant in terms of social standing to be a church Sexton and what sort of residence 38 Church Lane was at that time. Was my great-great-grandma courting favour with her only “rich” relative by naming great granddad after him? Many thanks for any information.

    • admin

      Hi there,

      yes the Ryle family were quite prominent in Prestwich and involved with the Parish Church. Sexton was technically the gravedigger but he would be in charge of the whole graveyard and graves. Prestwich Parish churchyard was very historic and important with lots of important people buried there and fine tombs listed as Ancient Monuments.

      38 Church Lane was the Georgian half-house next to the Church Inn. No 38 was later incorporated into the Church Inn itself. The staircase inwhat was No. £8 has been dated to 1710-20 on stylistic grounds. The first picture shows the Church Inn (white) and No. 38 next to it ( in red brick0. The door jambs of No.38 were uncovered a couple of years ago and were found to be very elegant carved wood. It would have been a high quality house to live in at any time.

      The second picture shows the view of Prestwich Parish Church. The Church Inn and No. 38 are just out of sight on the left.


  35. Sophie firmston

    Hello, 6 years ago I discovered my great grandmother died in 1979 on 25/12/1979 at prestwich hospital her name was Evelyn Jackson nee eyton. We had been told she had died in 1948 so was quite distressed to find this out. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction as to where she might be buried and any access to records of her.

  36. Sheryl Miller

    Hello from Australia, I am doing my father’s family history and have come across information that his parents may have lived in Prestwich. Herbert Whitfield Thompson. I have been told the Whitfield is an important family name but do not know why. I wonder if it is something to do with Whitefield the place. Herbert was a loom weaver and ended up in Australia with wife Emily and young family. I am unable to find anything online about their time in Prestwich. Can you please help?

  37. Kenneth Maycock

    My mother was born a Kay and we have traced the family back though the centuries to a John Kay (b.1701) and he married a Martha Ogden in 1721. He died at Hartswell, that I know is now part of Drinkwater Park. LDS trees say that he is born to Abraham Kay and Mary Hulton. 16 Oct 1679. I have not been able to find documentation of Abraham Kay’s birth, but he lived at ‘The Parke’, Whitefield so I have assumed that he is Saumuel Keij’s son, as he lived at the ‘The Parke’.
    Am I correct in thinking that the Parke is only a few houses and I can assume this is all the same family, it would then mean that his grandfather is Thomas Keij (Key).
    Can you tell me exactly where was ‘The Parke’.

    Thanking you in advance.

    • admin

      Hi there,
      ‘The Park’ was the name of what is now called Philips Park. It was a country estate owned by the Crompton family and then by the Philips. There was a large mansion there and several farm buildings and workers cottages. The main house has been demolished but people still live in the former farm buildings.

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